About Me

I am a landscape photographer working in Ireland. I have always enjoyed the drama of our amazing landscape and the ever changing light. I am searching for perfection but am more interested in the flaws that occur in nature. When I witness perfection I would rather not recount that. Natures true beauty has to be experienced not just recorded.

I worked in Dublin for over 15 years in the advertising and design industry as a photographer dealing with high profile accounts. When I could find the opportunity and time I always tried to travel back to Kerry and west Cork where I was happiest photographing its incredible scenery.

In 2009 I decided to leave Dublin and relocate with my family to Kenmare in Co Kerry. Living in such close proximity to some of Irelands most magnificent locations has allowed me the freedom to frequently expand my collection of work.

My photography draws inspiration from the surrounding countryside and to achieve my artistic vision , I spends a lot of time researching locations.

“I revisit locations over a period of days, weeks, months or even years waiting for all the elements to fall in place”


My Approach

I prefer to work on a 5x4 camera; stripped to the bare essentials it always seemed to be the perfect tool for making landscapes. I use a 65mm lens, the combination of the lens and the 5x4 format capture each scene with immense detail and give the correct amount of emphasis to each element, thus representing my vision,of how it felt to be in that place at that time. I work in colour, use negative film and usually carry 24 sheets at a time, making about 6 exposures at each location.

Only on very rare occasions I will come upon a scene when both the conditions and I are ready to make a photograph.

Each image is planned in advance,each location scouted and timings noted.I will make a sketch and decide what elements of weather and light are required and then simply wait.

I like to work at dawn; I am most comfortable in my surroundings at this time of day, watching a scene move from dark to light. I will make images throughout the process of the sun rising, and when I perceive the moment has passed I will leave. Most of my work is long exposures with minimal camera movements,using only a couple of soft neutral density filters. I like to use the camera stopped down as much as possible. Light and weather are key and the more unusual the better.

I like to control as much as possible at each stage. When the film is processed and returned to me I move to a digital process. I will scan each sheet and then make a selection. This will become the master print.

I am proud of the work I have made to date and enjoy the life of a landscape photographer, even the challenges.

About Skyline

Skyline gallery established in its current location, 27 Henry Street, Kenmare in 2009.

A large selection of Eoghan Kavanagh’s work is exhibited there. He has chosen to photograph and display some of the most magnificent landscapes in the South of Ireland in his Kenmare gallery.

If you are looking for something special and unique to add to your home or a gift for a special person you will find it in the gallery.

From start to finish all elements of the framing process is hand finished and we strive to make the purchase a stress free and enjoyable experience for every customer.

Our friendly and helpful staff will assist you in making your selection and we ship worldwide. We also sell gift vouchers if you wish to purchase.

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