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A Walk On The Beach

Living in such a beautiful area there is an abundance of coastal hide a ways and beaches that are perfect to explore.

Walking beaches gives you the time and space  to stop and think.

New Images

A collection of new images I have been working on.

The Skelligs Experience

Capturing the magic of the Skelligs was always on my "to do list".I expected the islands to be an unusual place but not so dramatically different to so many more areas of beauty in Ireland. This collection of photographs is my view of how it felt to spend time in this UNESCO World heritage site. I was blown away by its sheer majesty and mysteriousness of the islands.

Stopping By Woods

For many years I have been lured to walk woodlands. I find they have a certain magic and intrigue. I have been on the hunt for the perfect woodland and can revisit location many times before I decide upon my composition. The silence draws me in. I never know what mysteries it will unveil.

A Wider View

                                          "Sometimes all you need to do is stand still and look around"

Capturing the mood and atmosphere in a photograph can take time and patience but when it happens its worth every moment.

Lakes and Rivers

There is something ultimately alluring about lake and river reflections.. The flow of water gives each  photograph its own unique fingerprint.

High Places

When it comes to photographing mountains, I heavily favour the "eagles viewpoint" - Those grand vistas sometimes coupled with setting sun or morning sunrises are the only reason I venture up a mountain in the first place - to experience the view.


Reflections can place images within images. Sometimes it's the glitches in symmetry that make a photograph work.

Interested In Everything

The idea of images  made up of the elements that exist within the landscape has always pushed me to make photographs  taken from a different perspective.

This is a varied collection of ideas in a more contemporary style.